Paideia Mundi was born out of the observation that our society is very much focused on science and technology, and tends not to grant culture, the arts and humanities the fundamental place that they deserve.

In fact, such disciplines are the ones that enable humanity to question itself about its place in the world as well as about the value and scope of its actions. They are the ones that set it apart from the animal kingdom and that make it move forward from a wild state to a civilized one, so to speak.

One could thus say that culture, the arts and humanities enable individuals to develop the sensitivity and critical spirit required to refine their ethical sense. The latter empowers them to become aware of the way in which they should orientate their actions, particularly in the fields of science and technology, in order to ensure that these respect the criteria of justice capable of making the world a better place rather than destroy it.


Accordingly, Paideia Mundi has set itself the mission of promoting culture, arts and humanities among all age groups to foster the emergence of more critical and deeper thinking by each individual on his or her place in the world, and the way it can improve the latter by refining each individual’s own sensitivity and ethical sense.


Our values are therefore the following: critical sense, sensitivity and ethics, intelligence and excellence.


Paideia Mundi aims at becoming an inescapable reference in the fields of culture, arts and humanities promotion. It also intends to train current and future generations of leaders that are capable of turning the world into a fairer and more beautiful place for humankind as well as for all the living beings that share our life on this amazing blue planet.