Clara Whyte is an economist and a political scientist. She holds, among other diplomas, a graduate degree from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (“Sciences Po” Paris). As a political scientist, she has a passion for political philosophy, particularly issues relating to ethics, political regimes as well as the education, training and governance methods of political and economic leaders. In fact, she has observed that today’s leaders have to manage ever more powerful technological tools, and that they are only rarely prepared to use them for the common good. One important conclusion may be drawn from the previous statement: we need to review the training of our leaders as well as our political institutions to ensure that the right mechanisms are in place so that these technologies can be used wisely. Hence, following the long tradition initiated by such thinkers as Plato or Confucius, she intends to rethink the ethical, educational and political fundamental of our societies. In this regard, she has the great advantage of coming from a multicultural family, which has led her to develop an early interest in world cultures. Furthermore, her work has taken her all over the world (Europe, Northern, Central and Southern America, Asia). This background provides her with a wider vision of the options that are available to us. Moreover, she is fluent in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. She also has an advanced level in German, and is learning Mandarin Chinese at an intermediate level (HSK 4) as well as Russian and Quechua at a beginner’s level. As a teenager her dream was to become both a pianist and an ethnomusicologist. Consequently, she is now planning to capitalise on the passion she has always had for culture, arts and humanities to work, in conjunction with her background as a political scientist, towards achieving the goals she aims for and which are focused on enabling our societies to move forward in future in a more responsible way, in the higher interest of humankind as well as of all living beings who share this planet with us.